3D Measuring

MEASURING: The first step is to measure the boat surface via 3D measuring device.   

3D MODELLING: The surface which is measured is modeled on the computer. And then the component is placed on the surface. What you see in the monitor is "REAL BOAT" any more.  With this model, you can see the dimension differences on boats both side and welding deformations on the shell.  


The shell of the boat is re-created at Bilgin's workshop.  It is %100 percent of the boat shell copy and it hass the same welding deformations on boat. 

PRODUCTION: Because the fixture is one hundred percent copy of the boat, the staff can work on the fixture as he is on the boat. The main differance is, the staff is working at the controled enviroment of the workshop. This controled enviroment is increasing the quality and decreasing the production duration. 

POLISHING: The components are grinded and polished at the controled enviroment of the workshop instead the boat itself. Controled enviroment of the workshop is increasing the polishing quality. 


INSTALLATION: 3D measuring technology is helpfull to produce more acqurate products. The customers can see what they will get at the very beginning. Because of this, the re-works are decreasing.  

1) The production is complety finished at the Bilgin's workshop. Bilgin's team does not put back other teams on boat. 
2) The components are more accurate.
3) There will be no  installation mistakes. Because not only the shell but the brackets under the shell is measured.
4) Grinding and tho polishing at the controlled enviroment of the workshop is increasing the surface quality.  

5) The problems occur because of the asymmetry on the boat can be seen at the very beginning.  The solutions can be discussed at the very beginning. This helps to prevent re-workings.